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Laura Lian DIPAD in Art and Design

Selected artist profile information for this contemporary British Sculptor
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Sculptor Laura Lian DIPAD in Art and Design
Laura Lian

About Laura Lian

Laura Lian is a professional `listed` artist having sold in the primary market `Christie`s`
Her work is diverse, from portrait commissions, the band U2, her John Lennon bronze, Tony Benn to mention a few.
As well as her own private work, she takes on commissions for corporative and public artworks, from bridge parapet designs and fabrication to large bronze logos for coporate companies.
Sculptor Laura Lian DIPAD in Art and Design
Dream Of Flying

Exhibition History of Laura Lian

Laura Lian`s Exhibitions
2010 Saatchi Gallery show/London October "Art of Giving"
2009 Elm Street Gallery Fulham, London for Born Free Charity art show event
2009 "Art Liberating Lives" Mall Galleries
2009 Solo ex. Montagues Gallery, Hertfordshire
2007 Willow Barn Exhibition Weston Super Mare
2004/2007 Stoberry Park Exhibition in Wells, Somerset
2004 Salisbury Library, Wiltshire
2004 Thin Dog Gallery, Cirencester, Glos.
2004/2007 Stoberry Park, Wells Somerset
2004 Design and Build Bath, May
2003 The Sanctuary Selling Show, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow
2003 Beatrice Royal Gallery, Hampshire
2002 Royal Crescent Hotel, Bath
1995 Podium Bath, 1995
1996 African Inspirations Handle House Gallery, Devizes
1993 World Wildlife Fund Competition Exhibition, Nissus Bank London 1993.

Paul McCartney

Biography / CV of Laura Lian

Laura Lian`s Biography
Born: Cambridge England,
Lived in Toronto, Canada from 1956-1973
Studied art in Canada from 1968 -1971
Moved back to England in 1973
Studied Painting and printing and sculpture at Byam College of Art, London 1975
Studied ceramics at Chelsea School of Art DipAD 1976-1979
Travelling and working abroad 1980-1981
Teaching in main stream adult Education and special needs 1982-1988
Became a full time self-employed professional sculptor in 1988.

Child Of Hope

Artist Statement of Laura Lian

Laura Lian`s personal statement
I see all projects either my own or commissioned as a challenge to make so they have `life` and `energy`.

Awards and Prizes of Laura Lian

Laura Lian`s Awards
1999 Runner up for design for Bridge at Chippenham Town Centre.
1998 Gate and Railings for Balck Dog Halt, Sustrans cycle oath, Calne
1997*Relief Sculpture in steel, 6.0 meters x 11.5 meters on convex curved wall in the reception of The Royal Glamorgan Hospital, Llantrisant, South Wales.

Acquisitions / Collections of work by Laura Lian

Laura Lian`s COLLECTORS:

Bernie Ecclestone
Leslie Clarke, wife of Nickie Clarke
Rachael Hunter
Andy Taylor, The Sanctuary Group
Desmond Dermot
Sharon Osbourne
George Ferguson, President of the RIBA 2003-2005.

Public Works of Laura Lian

Laura Lian`s Public works
2011. Relief Plaque of Memorial for Lifeboat Men for Isle of Wight
2011 Enlarged version of "Phoenix" rising for E.On energy plant/Kent
2011. memorial figure of girl playing netball for Malvern Colleg, progress for October 2011.
2010 memorial commission for Krishna Avanti Hindu school, Harrow London

1998 Gate and Railings for Balck Dog Halt, Sustrans cycle oath, Calne
1997*Relief Sculpture in steel, 6.0 meters x 11.5 meters on convex curved wall in the reception of The Royal Glamorgan Hospital, Llantrisant, South Wale.

Qualifications / Education of Laura Lian

Laura Lian`s Education
Studied art in Canada from 1968 -1971
Moved back to England in 1973
Studied Painting and printing and sculpture at Byam College of Art, London 1975
Studied ceramics at Chelsea School of Art DipAD 1976-1979.

Publications / Media / Bibliography of Laura Lian

Laura Lian`s Publications
Sunday Times,
Somerset Life
Wells Journal
Daily Mai
Hello and Ok magazine.

Teaching Experience

Laura Lian`s Teaching
TEACHING: (part time)

Adult Education: London Adult Institutes 1979-1984
Special Needs: Hospitals, Community Centres 1979-1987
Private classes for adults and children 1990`s.

Influences / Inspiration of Laura Lian

Laura lian`s Influences
Rodin, Michaelangelo.

Price Range of Work

Laura Lian's work has a price range from £167 to £12,500

Mediums utilised

Laura Lian's work is found in the following materials:

Artwork Categorised

Laura Lian's work is found in the following categories on site:
Pop Art Sculpture (8)
Commemoratives and Memorials Sculptures (7)
Celebrity and Star Sculptures (7)
Wall Mounted or Wall Hanging sculpture (6)
Contemplative, Restful, Thougtful Sculptures (6)
Commission and Custom and Bespoke sculpture Statues (6)
Meditation sculpture / Statues / statuettes / figurines (6)
Females Women Girls Ladies Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines (6)
Religious Sculpture (5)
Buddha Sculptures Statues figurines statuettes (5)
Portrait Sculptures / Commission or Bespoke or Customised Sculptures (4)
Famous People Sculptures Statues (4)
Busts and Heads Sculptures Statues statuettes Commissions Bespoke Custom Portrait Memorial Commemorative sculpture or statue (4)
Interior, Indoors, Inside Sculpture (4)
Nudes, Female Sculptures (4)
Pet and Animal Portrait Custom or Bespoke or Commission Commemorative or Memoriaql sculpture statue (3)
Horses Small, for Indoors and Inside Display Statues statuettes Sculptures figurines commissions commemoratives (3)
Horse Sculpture / Equines Race Horses Pack HorseCart Horses Plough Horsess (3)
Horse Head or Bust or Mask or Portrait sculpture statuettes statue figurines (3)
Military, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines Airmen and Military Equipment (3)
Animal Birds Fish Busts or Heads or Masks or Trophies For Sale or Commission (3)
Male Men Youths Masculine Statues Sculptures statuettes figurines (3)
Plaques, Medals, Medalions, Coins, Tokens, Commemorative Customised Commission or Bespoke (3)
Spiritual sculpture (3)
Small Animal Sculptures (3)
Children Child Babies Infants Toddlers Kids Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines (3)
Garden Or Yard / Outside and Outdoor Sculptures (3)
Bas Reliefs or Low Reliefs (3)
Musician and Musical Sculptures (3)
Figurative Abstract Modern or Contemporary Sculptures Statues statuary statuettes figurines (2)
Indoor figurative sculpture (2)
Gods or Goddess, or Deity Sculptures (2)
Teenagers Sculptures statuettes Portraits figurines commissions etc (2)
Carved Stone, Marble, Alabaster, Soap Stone Granite Lime stone (2)
Sculptures of Sport in General (2)
Small / Little Figurative sculpture / statuette / statuary / ornament / figurine (2)
Cats Wild and Big Cats Sculpture (2)
Stringed Instruments Composers and Musicians Realistic and Abstract Sculptures Statues statuettes (2)
Varietal cross section of Floral, Fruit and Plantlife Sculpture
Wild Animals and Wild Life Sculptures
Torsos Sculptures or Chests of Men and Women Females Girls Children Statues statuery statuettes
Surrealist Sculpture
Champions Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines
Public Art Sculpture
Mythical Sculptures
Variety of Emotional feelings depicted in Sculptures
Couples or Group Sculptures
Stylised Heads / Busts Sculptures
Animal Abstract Contemporary Modern Stylised Minimalist Sculptures
Stylized People Sculptures
Human Figurative Sculptures
Children Playing Sculptures or Statues or statuettes
Aspirational / Inspirational Sculptures or Statues
Modern Abstract Contemporary Avant Garde Sculptures or Statues or statuettes or statuary
Nude or Naked Couples or Lovers
Suspended Sculptures or Statues or Statuettes
Miniature Sculptures, statuettes or figurines
Angel Sculptures
African Animal and Wildlife Sculptures
Domestic Animal Sculpture
Endangered Animal Species Sculptures
Minimalist Understated Abstract Contemporary Sculpture statuary statuettes
Sign of the Zodiac
Trompe l`Oeil Low Relief Panel Sculptures / Statues / panels
Proud of Pride In Self Confidence sculpture statue statuette
Earth Mother Gaia sculpture statue statuettes figurines
Love / Affection Sculpture
Fun Amusing Comic Animals Birds Fish Statues Sculptures
Spiral Twisted sculpture / statue / carving
Symmetric Sculptures / Statues / statuettes / statuary
Peace Sculptures or Statues or statuettes
Green Man (and Green Woman)Faces, Busts, Heads, Torsos
Round Disk, Dish, Flat Circular Ring Shaped Sculptures / Statues statuette statuary
Awards, Trophies, Presentations and Prizes Sculptures
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"The problem of contemporary sculpture and the garden is one which has rankled in my mind for years. It is usually resolved through a process of inversion-that is turning it into sculpture in the garden as against garden sculpture. By that I mean the sculptor takes over the garden as an open exhibition gallery, of which the focus is their creation, to which the world of nature merely provides the frame.The Idea that sculpture is a contributory element to an overall'mise en scene',in which, sometimes its role may be incedental rather than central, has been lost.In this we have seen the betrayall of the great tradition of garden sculpture, one which was unashamed at being decorative or delightful."
Sir Roy Strong
Customer comment on 'Windy day (Small Woman in wind sculpture statues)' by Plamen Dimitrov
The Windy Day sculpture is absolutely beautiful! Itís even more spectacular than the photos I saw when I ordered. I couldnít be happier with the art OR the service. Peter at ArtParkS is exceptional in his responsiveness to inquiries and in keeping clients updated on progressÖ plus he is so chipper, itís a delight to work with him. The artist, Plamen Dimitrov, is amazing! He delivered the work right on schedule and it was packed with incredible care to make sure it a... [Read more]
Melinda Marcus, inPSYCHS, United States.